Attention to Detail Pays Off at Media Launch

With the technical aspects of a media launch, the devil is in the detail.

Athletics Kenya organised a press launch to announce that they had found the perfect way to honor athletes for sterling performances -an annual golden gala. They chased us down to take care of the tricky details of the media launch lighting and sound.

Right from the  planning stage, we sought to equally serve both the primary audience at the event and the larger broadcast audience. ” The main aspect of a media launch is the press coverage . It was imperative that the sound and lighting system works for both those at the venue and the public who would be watching the event on TV,” says John Mwangi, a lighting expert.

The team used profiles and parcans which they closely monitored using a digital lighting desk.

The media launch of the Athletics Kenya 2015 Awards took place at Nairobi’s Weston Hotel. When the press finally checked in, they found all set up ready. After a breakfast treat, all they had to do was plug in to the sound box we had provided  to ensure they got quality sound output and the curtains went up.