d&b J8 Speakers
d&b J 12 Speakers
d&b J Subs
d&b J - Infra Subs Speakers
d&b D12 amplifier
J-Series rigging system
d&b Remote R70 Ethernet to CAN interface
d&b C4 Tops
d&b C4 Bubs
d&b B2 Subs
d&b P1200 Power Amplifier

Nexo PS 15 R2 Speakers
Nexo PS 10 Speakers
Nexo PS 15 Speakers
Nexo PS 15 Subs
Camco Nexo Amp Racks

MILO 90 high-power curvilinear array
MICA compact high-powered curvilinear array
700HP Subs
M3D Sub Speakers
Galileo - 616 Controller
QSC K8 Active loudspeakers
QSC K12 Active loudspeakers


Mixing Consoles

Yamaha CL5
Yamaha RIO 32 24
Yamaha M7CL-48 with meterbridge
Digico D5 Console
Digirack 56input & 32 output

Allen & Heath - T80 Digital Mixer
Allen & Heath IDR 48Inputs & 24output
Allen & Heath - GLD80 Digital Mixer
Allen & Heath AR 24input & 12output
Allen & Heath Mixer- ZED 22 Analog
Allen & Heath Mixer- ZED 16 Analog
Allen & Heath Mixer - ZED 14 Analog
Allen & Heath Mixer - ZED 10 Analog





Shure UR4D-Q5 DualL UHF - Receiver 740-814MHZ
Shure UR2 Handheld BETA58
Shure UR1 Bodypacks
Shure UA845 Antenna Combiner
Shure Wireless In-Ear
Shure PGX Wireless Microphones
Shure SM 87 Microphones
Shure Gooseneck Lectern Microphone Base

AKG GN30 CK47 - Gooseneck Lectern Microphones
AKG WMS Reciever
AKG PT4000 Handheld Microphones
AKG C535 Cond Capsule
AKG D5 Dyn Capsule
AKG PT4000 Belt pack
AKG C420 Head worn Microphones
AKG GN 50 EPS Gooseneck Podium Microphones
Sennheiser SKM 5000 Handheld Microphones
Sennheiser SKM 5000 Lapel Microphones
Deyerdymamic Gooseneck Conference Microphones

Comm. Equipment

4vTalk backs - Telex RadioCom Pro850
Clear Com 702 2 ch main stations (with Power Cables)
Clear Com KB-702 2 ch speaker stations (wood)
Clear Com RS-601 single ch belt packs
Clear Com RS-602 dual ch belt packs (with y cable A/B adapters)
Ear Tech Small Single Cup Headsets (+1 for parts)
Ear tech Small 1 cup headsets
Production Intercom small 1 cup headsets
Ear Tech large 2 cup headsets
Clear Com Handset (black)
Motorolla Radios - DP1400
Motorolla Radio Earpiece Accessories

Audio Splitterts

DN1248 Plus
The following cables with Veam Connectors:
20 Meter Extensions LK25
10 Meter Extensions LK25
XLR Boxes with LK25 Male and 8 XLR Female
70 Meter Extensions LK85
Spiders with 1 Female LK85 and 24 Male XLR

Deejay Equipment

Pioneer 2000 CD Players
Pioneer 900 CD decks
Pioneer CDJ M3 Players
Rane Mixer

Press Box XTA 32 Channels - XTA DS800

Speaker stands and Microphone stands


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