Breaking Borders: Hosting World Leaders in Kigali

Providing technical solutions to last year’s Transform Africa Summit was a chance to prove that we have the technical, personnel, creativity and managing skills required for any event- regardless of the size. The event saw us earn our clients complete trust and faith and we won the bid to stage Transform Africa Summit 2015. This time, we were the complete event solutions provider.

Hosted by President Paul Kagame, the event’s attendance list was made up of over 2000 global business leaders, innovators, scholars and entrepreneurs. Our job was to produce, project manage and provide technical support to the event in a way that catered for each of the guests.

Only a section of the technical team was deployed to the site but they were able to ensure that all the venues had full technical and interactive support, which was imperative due to the nature of the event. Prior experience came in handy. “The team had no trouble covering the whole ground. I would say we owe that to regular staff training as well as the fact that we had delivered almost similar services at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi, ” says Peter Waithaka, head of the technical team.

 The three day event was divided into seminars that took place in 10 venue areas, all at Kigali Serena Hotel. For each of the venues, we provided screens, video processors, intelligent lighting, creative structures, public address systems and sound processors.

To facilitate the seminars, each of the 10 venues was equipped with live feed screens, interactive screens in a system comprising daylight screens, plasma stands and screens, comfort screens, side viewing screens and the latest video and content processors.

The intelligent lighting, made up of LED Fixtures, wall washers, powerful lamps and DMX control systems served to bring extra life to the sessions. An audio system of well-run state of the art microphones, sound processors and quality output equipment ensured clear communication.

The end result was a world class summit, which ended on a high note with two galas each of the two last nights. As the crew set to tearing down the structures and equipment, everyone agreed on one thing; MoSound Events had done it –yet again!