Celebrating Milestones in Classical Orchestra

Our Client- Safaricom marked their 15th anniversary in a series of events that culminated in a Sunday afternoon orchestra treat. Our job – making the event a memorable occasion for the music lovers in attendance.

The event, held at Bomas of Kenya, kicked off at 4 pm. MoSound Events’ technical team had arrived at the venue hours before, to work the magic that would change the amphitheater floor into an outstanding stage. The challenge was to create a stage that would accommodate the intricate arrangements of the choir and later the orchestra, without changing the design in between the two perormances.

The solution was to create a tiered stage that would allow a systematic placement of seats for the orchestra below and have space, big enough for the whole choir at the top tier.

The success of the event largely depended on the quality of sound output, and so we invested in a good arrangement of our sound equipment to do just that.

Unidirectional microphones were used to eliminate possible picking of unwanted signals. To capture all the orchestra instruments, we used SM81 microphones and KSM 32s to complement the choir voices. The sounds would be digitally processed using state of the art technology, all complimented by a team that has internalized, the workings of great sound production.

According to Kennedy Munene –head of the Concert Systems team, it was all the right mix of the software and hardware. “We made use of a real time acoustic analysis software, alongside the gear to guide us in tuning and aligning all the elements of the system. This give us clear and balanced sound output, which was equally distributed to all sides of the amphitheater.”

The choir and the orchestra performed against the backdrop of Daylight Screens set up on trusses displaying the number 15. Directly opposite, was a side screen with the same message, albeit in a difference design. The simple designs fit the venue perfectly.

The event ended at around 6:30 pm, the crowd thoroughly entertained and having demanded several encore performances.