C N N Features MoSound Events

This week, CNN featured Kevin Mulei: the founder and proprietor of MoSound Events.

Mulei launched his company in 2008 to fill the gaps he saw in the events industry. Today, MoSound Events is one of the most popular event planning companies in the region, employing 82 people full time and around another 200 temporary workers.

Mulei tells CNN International’s ‘African Start-Up’ how his journey began: “The idea of starting MoSound Events came when I would go for events as a deejay. I would find out that the sound system was not good and so was the coordination. I felt there was a good opportunity to fill up the gaps.”

Once the idea was formed, the next challenge was breaking into the industry, Mulei tells CNN: “I was a young guy, very passionate but I didn’t have access to people who could guide me and show me the next step and in that season I made a lot of mistakes. Today when I look back I now can say some of those mistakes have brought us to where we are.”

‘African Start-Up’ visited the outskirts of Nairobi where MoSound Events has its studio and storage facility. They found the team preparing to set up for three separate events all in one day. Mulei tells the programme: “One truck is full right now, we have the second truck which is half way full. I know we will be done in 30 minutes and we will be good to go.”

CNN then accompanied MoSound Events to one of the event sites. Here, they had a chance to see Mulei working with the team, directing the technicians: “Check Sound, Check lights, we are good to go. Let’s do another check. Standby- Let’s roll.”

It is MoSound Event’s driving philosophy which has earned the company the confidence to plan and deliver big events like the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, which was held in Nairobi last July.

Mulei shares his experience with  and gives advice to entrepreneurs across Africa: “The most important thing is your passion and not the money. Discover your passion, cultivate it and you will be amazed at how much you can transform Africa.”

To view the clip, follow the visit: http://edition.cnn.com/videos/world/2015/12/09/spc-african-start-up-kevin-mullei-mosound.cnn