Coke Studio Season 2 Launch – Powered By MoSound Events


Coke Studio is a music show that brings artists from different genres and regions together to create a modern and authentic African sound through musical fusion. The show is produced by Coca-Cola Company and this year’s theme is AFRICAN COLLABORATIONS, GREAT FUSIONS.

The show always shot at Film Studios Kenya with its main target audience comprising of the teens it can also appeal to the adults. This year’s season is set to feature 24 popular artists from around East Africa and West Africa with big names including Flavor from Nigeria, Diamond from Tanzania and Kenya’s Rabbit.

The media launch at the Film Studios Kenya stage setup included creative designs from Mosound events like;


The DJ booth featured a front wall of LED panels which, from an audience perspective, merges visually with the big LED screen behind the DJ, allowing the artist to become immersed in the show.

The custom design gave the DJs a great visual presence and it also opened up the stage and made it feel bigger.

The finished result is a futuristic-looking, imposing LED booth that allows the DJ to become immersed within the visual show, boosting the artist’s stage presence and connecting his visual performance with the music even more.


coke studio (41)WM

The design of the cocktail table had the Coca Cola crates stacked together to give a tower table creative enough to place a few drinks and snacks. The red crates matched really great with the red theme inside the tent bringing out a magnificent look of the whole event.

coke studio (94)WM

On Saturday 6th September, 2014 at KICC saw the 1st launch being a series of the ongoing parties. The launch was graced by thousands of fans who came through to support the show. Artists like Rabbit, Octopizzo, Size 8, and L-Jay Maasai among others performed some of their hits as a way of entertaining the fans. The branding of the launch at KICC brought out the creativity of the Coke studio labeled stickers inform of bottle tops stuck all over the stage. The Coke Studio consumer launch party is set to continue with its tour in Mombasa, Kisumu and Eldoret. There will also be additional viewing parties held in various high schools and universities across the country.

The show will begin airing on Saturday, 13th September on NTV & QTV.


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