Groove Awards 2015- Touch of Creativity & Design

In a style as beautiful as it is mind blowing, this year’s GROOVE AWARDS were crafted around an artistic direction that was both spectacular and effective. Alongside Elastic and top of the cream crew of Mosound Events stage designers, sound engineers and producers…. Mosound team conceived the visual packaging for the event, all working together closely to develop a universal aesthetic._MG_2246



_MG_2265In keeping with GROOVE AWARDS tradition of spectacular, the GROOVE AWARDS must be in a constant state of reinvention. Every year, the look needs to be “on-brand” but also play against expectations. For that, Mosound Events team needs to have  creative blood year in- year out._MG_1338

_MG_2116According to the Mosound crew what was mind boggling most about this year’s GROOVE AWARDS was the chance to work on something that had a cohesive creative direction across physical objects, like sets and buildings, drama skits that engaged the crowd, movement across the stage with use of cranes, and also in the virtual design space._MG_1797


_MG_1491Productions took on the task of providing extravagant laser effects for a show stopping performance by the artists. Full color lasers were brought in to fill the auditorium with a full range of effects including beam looks, as well as scan effects._MG_1485

_MG_1479The concept had far reach. In a 360 degree campaign, the visuals touched everything—even environmentally—where stage, lighting and architecture came together to synthesize a stunning visual harmony._MG_2458

wagan 2Each year, the show is beamed to the masses, dressed up in the finest graphic duds. Indeed, visual messaging for the GROOVE AWARDS has taken many forms, with quirky broadcast graphics of days past, to the elegant, cross-platform experience that it is today, with technology playing a big part in event production, there’s no doubt Mosound Events will keep bringing out more creativity in all their future events.