Hitting the Jackpot at the Sportpesa Festival

Producing an all night concert for a household artiste is no piece of cake. Producing a day-into-the-night event with over 30 of Kenya’s top artistes is without a doubt, no mean feat.

MoSound Events was charged official technical solutions supplier at the 2016 Sportspesa Festival, held at Nairobi’s Nyayo Stadium.

The festival was an extravaganza that began on Saturday afternoon and went through the night to Sunday morning.

When our crew got to the site for set up a few days to the event, the venue itself presented a challenge with quality sound production. “The stadium design gives it bad acoustics. The walls cause a huge sound slap back,” Peter Waithaka, head of technical team says.

Thanks to careful calculations by our qualified sound engineers, the technical team had a plan that solved the problem. “The plan enabled us to strategically align every piece of sound equipment right from the mics to the speakers in a way that killed all the echo.” Affirms Kennedy Munene, head of MoSound Events Concert Systems.

On the set day, powerful sound output made the stadium a center of attraction for miles around.

We also designed a dramatic stage, two meters high and built against the backdrop of LED panels to ensure that the person at the farthest corner of the stadium did not miss a single piece of action.

Intelligent lighting, thanks to Parcans, Frensels, follow spots and profiles did not just breathe life into the performances but lit up the whole stadium all night.

For the complete VIP experience, a 50 by 20 by 12 dome was set up a distance from the main audience area, complete with comfortable lounge couches, cocktail tables, special lighting and décor to match the event.

Despite the party having started in the day, the number runners raved the whole night away and we had a good time making sure they had a good time. For yet another chance to fuse creativity and technology, we had hit our own jackpot!