Turning Garden City Into an Enchanted Garden

When Events House reached out to MoSound Events for technical support, the brief given was simple “We want to create an enchanted garden for Garden City Mall’s official launch.”

With only two weeks to prepare, the events managerial and technical teams got together to discuss how to use the technical elements required- Daylight Screens, Concert Systems and the Production Unit in a way that would give the best event experience to both the clients and the guests.

“Our goal was not just to provide the technical elements but to use them in the best combination, most creative set up and most effective arrangement, to bring the enchanted garden theme to life,” Jennifer Muthoni -MoSound Events Manager- explains.

The culmination of activities would lead to September, 9th, at the launch which was highly attended by some of the biggest investors in Kenya, Government representatives, customers as well as a host of Kenyans seeking to have a good time.

When the evening of the event came, the creativity, hard work and team spirit paid off as one of the biggest launches in Kenya this year took place successfully at Garden City Mall.

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