Jazz Goes Hugh – the 2016 Safaricom Jazz Festival

It’s always a great feeling to know that no matter how different we are, there is a constant force that unites us. Remarkable music seeks to bring that alive and to bring us together. It couldn’t have gotten any better than on the chilly Friday evening at Uhuru Gardens, where the Safaricom International Jazz Festival 2016 took place. The stage was graced by none other than the world renowned Hugh Masekela. Hugh’s voice and performance gave way to an amazing show that enhanced the vast range and diversity of the jazz bands on stage.
The crowd’s reception contributed to the confidence of the event industry and further validated the team behind it and their various partners.

Safaricom’s Jazz festival, though initially an acquired taste, was acknowledged by first timers for the creative setup of the tents’ décor and lighting which was done by our incredible team from MoSound Events. Not only did they provide an electrifying concert environment, but they managed to create a warm cozy feel that was especially appreciated on that chilly evening. This would not have been possible were it not for the relentless creative team that ensured that all in attendance more than satisfied. It is evident that the crowd would love to have such minds involved in the execution of more events across the region.

Diversity in the 2016 Safaricom Jazz Festival was displayed not only in the performances by the Nairobi Horns Project, an urban youth band that enthused the crowd to their feet, but also in the age demographic that was present. The energy of the crowd clearly spoke of the evolving nature of the traditional Jazz scene integrating a refreshing youthful spirit, where only amazing sets and instrumentals are pushed to the boundaries.
Perhaps what was formerly unpopular with the youth is taking shape into an undeniable force to be reckoned with. This explains why beyond the event the revenues generated from the show are set to promote and train artists in the different slum areas through the arm of Nairobi Ghetto Classics. This highlights both the innovative fresh sound of the Jazz Festival and the rapidly increasing audience it reaches.

It is with this spirit that the Jazz Festival will continuously experience growth in both the events sector and in relations with corporate in promoting and securing their brands in the creative industry, which is quickly becoming a major stakeholder in the national economy.