Intelligent Lighting

5 Degree 750 Watt Lekos with Clamp
10 Degree 750 Watt Lekos with Clamp
19 Degree 750 Watt Lekos with Clamp
36 Degree 750 Watt Lekos with Clamp
50 Degree 750 Watt Lekos with Clamp
Source Four WFL 575 watt Pars with Clamp
Source Four MFL 575 Watt Pars with Clamp


Fresnels 2K Arri Lights
Fresnels 1K Arri Lights



Blinders 8-lights
Blinders 4-lights
Blinders 2-lights

Digilight 24 Ch * 5KW
ADB 12ch
Strand Lighting's 6ch digital dimmer packs
Velleman 6ch
Light Maxx 4 ch

Moving Heads

Clay Parky Shapys
Martin MAC 101
Martin Mac TWI Wash
300 Watts Beams


Robe 575 AT Spot
Robe 1200 AT Spots

Martin LC2140 RJ45 in/out
P3 Processor
Laser - Laserworld PL-20.000G
Octostrip (Showtec) BLACK (4M x 4M) DC/Signal Cable XLR 5
RGBW LED Fixtures Parcans
Robert Juliat 1200Watt Super Korrigan incl pole & balast


Avolite Tiger Touch Digital Desk
Avolites Pearl Tiger in flight
Avolites DMX Truss Splitters

Lighting Consoles

DMX 512 Controllers
Chauvet DMX controller DJ obey 70
Wireless Solutions DMX Transmitter
Wireless Solutions DMX Receivers
Star cloth (Molton) 6x3m
2500 Follow Spot Lights with Stands

Smoke Machines

JKI Hazer Machine
Real FLX DF50 oil cracker
Haze Machine
Smoke Machine
Fog Machine
DSK Prokoger

Flame Machine

Flame Machine (outdoor)


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