Making Way for the Pope

Hosting the pope: a world leader in his own right, is no mean feat. Aside from being an international affair, it is also a once-in-a-lifetime occasion for the audience on ground. Right from the planning, it is a process that calls for meticulous planning and highly efficient execution.

Having successfully provided the technical elements at the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit, MoSound Events was entrusted with designing and providing technical solutions for the auspicious event that was Pope Francis’ first visit to Kenya.

As soon as we got the brief, the management team got into planning how best to cover the areas we had been tasked with. The pope would be leading a mass attended by religious leaders on Thursday and meeting the youth on Friday.

Nairobi had already been warned to expect traffic inconveniences as certain roads would be blocked during the visit. For us, that meant everything had to be set before the arrival of the pope to the country.

Our technical crew pitched camp at Safaricom Stadium- Kasarani, a week before the scheduled address by the pope. To serve the tens of thousands expected, we set up at three locations: the main stadium, gymnasium and the training field.

More than 300 panels were mounted into six giant screens for live feed to the audiences while adequate power and stage considerations were made. Sound rigging made use of wireless microphones, high quality processors, J8, J12 and DnB speakers.

The different experts on site ensured all equipment was tested; all details covered long before the Pope’s grand entrance.

“The thing with such an event is that there is zero margin for error. It is broadcasted live and the whole world is watching. Everything has to be spot on!” says Isaac Njoroge, one of our lead technical experts.

Meanwhile, our production and technical teams set up at St Mary’s School Grounds ahead of the scheduled religious leaders’ mass and the appointed hour found the teams ready roll, in true MoSound Excellence.