MoSound Events Powers Great Talks 2015

We were tasked with providing technical solutions to the widely attended public forum that was the second edition of Old Mutual’s Great Talks.

The nature of the seminar called for a discussion style set up, with a six-member panel who were to be the conversation leaders, seated on stage. The challenge was how best to achieve this, given that about 3000 people had acquired audience tickets for the event. Our solution was to create a big yet simple stage that would accommodate the panel and screens. It was also crucial that the sound system support interaction between the audience and the panel.

In attendance, were Deputy President William Ruto, CS Adan Mohammed and renowned entrepreneur Vusi Thembekwayo, among other key figures.

Over 100 screens were mounted on a network of trusses making three big screens on stage, for the live feed all through the event. A lighting system of moving heads, LED parcans, MACs, frensels and dimmers were all strategically positioned in different areas of the room to compliment the stage, screens and panel. The sound system ensured a crisp clear output.

The event ended at around 1:30 PM and some members of the audience, naturally drawn by curiosity, passed by the Front of House section where our team was operating the equipment. While some asked questions, others simply came to share their thoughts.

“I liked the stage and panel positioning, it made us feel like they (panel) were having a chat with us, not talking down to us,” said 22 year old Sylvia Mumbi, one of the attendees who came to chat with us.

It always comes as a humbling experience, when both our clients and their clients are impressed by our work- we aim to please.