M S K Marks Milestones in Awards Gala

  • MoSound Events - our clients

The room fell dark, save for the follow spot on stage. A gradual hush followed at the Marketing Society of Kenya 2015 Gala among those whose careers are pegged on their sweet tongues. Only broken by the lift of a hydraulic lever that presented a hologram of MSK’s new logo trapped inside a fiberglass cube. They hadn’t seen anything quite like it. Just then, the room lit up in applause. It was the beginning of a glorious night.

There was a lot to celebrate that night: MSK turning 50, a new look logo and the feting of superior corporates and successful campaigns.

MoSound Events was tasked with delivering the event creative, impressive stage set up, lighting, sound, indoor screens, as well as a production crew.  For Sound, Nexo monitors, j-series top and sub speakers dotted the 90 by 30 meters dome, necessitating the use of a delay system.

“A delay system ensures that sound output reaches all areas of the dome at the same time without distortion,” explains Peter Waithaka, General Manager, Technical. “Imagine what would happen if we had to raise the volume to reach all ends of the dome. Sitting next to a speaker would be a nightmare!” A similar system was used for the daylight screens, mounted at strategic points.

Our lighting experts made use of sharpys, LED parcans, profiles and blinder in different combinations throughout the night to accent the changing moments from the new logo unveil to a variety of entertainer demands.

A winning night for all. Here’s to another 50 for MSK!