Weetabix Office Invasion Leaves Staff in A Crave

  • Weetabix Office Invasion Leaves Staff In A Crave - MoSound Events

Weetabix – Yum!

Picture this: Hardly had you tied up your laces when you stumbled outside your flat. Running late, you could barely afford a glass of water for breakfast ahead of your morning meeting. So after an excruciating hour in traffic, you’re seated in the boardroom, praying that your stomach doesn’t rumble. Just then, a caravan pays a surprise visit to your office. From the parking lot, announcing breakfast is served- and you’re invited. It is the perfect office invasion, right?

Thanks to Weetabix, that’s not a distant wish. For the last couple of weeks, a bunch of lucky white collars blocks have had the welcome invasion which BrandKonnect, our brand promotional arm, worked into Homeboyz Radio events and that means that great music was also served. And to demonstrate just how energetic Weetabix can be, staff were wooed into enjoying stints of kickboxing and arm wrestling.

The caravan of radio personalities and brand ambassadors armed with goodies have since raided APA Insurance offices, Shell Headquarters offices, the recently held Katika Dance Festival at The Arboretum. Next stop- Daystar University’s Athi River campus.