Our Gear For Hire & Lease

To do a job well, you need the right equipment’

At MoSound Events, we use and supply (for rent and lease) - the latest in events industry equipment and gear. We are the leading AV solution company in the region - your “one stop shop” for event hires whether you have a function for a few guests or a large-scale event.

Our inventory is immense ranging from Audio gear, Daylight Screens (LED screens, drapes, and fixtures), Lighting Systems, Kreative Structures, Production Equipment, to Motor & Rigging Solutions and many more.

We pride ourselves on always using modern equipment and keeping up to date with the latest industry trends. What this means for you is that we can provide better, faster and more efficient solutions. See Below.


Our inventory of audio gear is well suited for any size...

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Daylight Screens

Our LED screens, drapes, and fixtures allow us to even rotate...

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Lighting Systems

We provide a full range of lighting services; our rental inventory...

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Motor System

Our dependable rigging solutions employ unprecedented innovations that reduce setup and...

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Production Equipment

We provide engineering expertise across all production disciplines and we maintain...

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Kreative Structures

If you looking for that exceptional look for your outdoor event,...

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Event Flooring

Pro-Floor is the ultimate event flooring solution; being portable it is...

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Crowd Control Barriers

Ranging from concerts to outdoor events, our barriers offer a combination...

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Power Generators

For ultimate, reliable, uninterruptable silenced power - Our units are environmentally...

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