Nairobi Hosts Jazz Giants

If music is a place, then jazz-if only for a week- became the city of Nairobi! For the second time around, The Safaricom International Jazz Festival became a long winding love affair that left many a mouths open at the sights and sounds on display.

It was in the way Jonathan Butler sweetly strummed his guitar; how Isaiah Katumwa skilfully blew into his saxophone; the way Jimmy Dludlu, once again, left us wishing for more. This one week multi-venue music and cultural event brought forth both acclaimed and unsung talent from Africa and beyond for the pleasure of many.

MoSound Events- the Festival’s audiovisual partner- delivered top notch experiences for all to write home about. For our international acts, we designed a stage to international standards courting beautiful lighting and state of the art sound.

The audience of more than 10,000 enjoyed a cool shade under our super dome. Beneath them was kilometres of Profloor, our portable flooring solution, for their comfort. Our production arm, M-Studios, ensured that uninterrupted live feed and tailor-made animations on our daylight screens were enjoyable for everyone, both near and far.

With solutions, literally from ground up, clients of refined palettes tasted MoSound quality.

Below is the experience…