Praise Fest 2016 – United in Worship

  • MoSound Events - The-Praise Fest Ultimate Praise and worship experience

Saturday night saw a congregation of thousands of people gather for Praise Fest; a once-in-a-lifetime worship experience that will live in their hearts for years to come.

Praise Fest is a Christian music festival that aims to bring together faithful, both international and local from all walks of life to worship and enjoy the presence of God in unity as the body of Christ. The event also aims to offer a response of celebration to God’s greatness hence leading people to a place of repentance and spiritual growth and maturity through songs of worship.




The premier edition of praise Fest hosted Nigerian Gospel singer Sinach as the main headliner of the event alongside Nigeria based, Kenyan celebrated artists, Emmy Kosgei, Pitson, Guardian Angel, Evelyn Wanjiru, Freke Umoh another talented Nigerian musician, Voices of Purpose from the Purpose Centre Church and the Groove Band.

Since the announcement of the expected arrival of the Gospel sensation, there was a considerable amount of buzz created and on the fateful day, MoSound, the event planning company in Kenya which was responsible for the event set-up, provision of audio-visual equipment and creating the perfect ambiance with our unique range of lighting systems; scaled to new heights of musical allure.

MoSound Events - The-Praise Fest 2016 - Ultimate Praise and worship experience


Thanks to our range of sound equipment that provided crisp sound throughout the whole evening, vibrant on-screen visuals that gave even more life to the ambiance created by the LED screen set up provided by Daylight Screens along the staircases, our brilliant creative team turned Citam Karen into a one of a kind virtual design space.

MoSound Events - The-Praise Fest 2016 - Ultimate Praise and worship experience